Storing Your Stash – Tips from a Professional Yarn Hoarder

When I started this business, it was because my stash had gotten so large, that I had to do something to keep it under control! So, I signed up for a business course through my local YWCA and got started. Knowing my love for everything sheepy, I thought this would be a perfect fit, and boy – is it ever!


However, not only do I now need to store my inventory, including yarn, rovings, hooks and needles, I also need to store my personal stash for the long term – as I haven’t had time to do anything for myself in this past year. I still get my fill – I just ship it out instead of giving it away as gifts. It’s amazing.


Here are my best tips and tricks for storing your stash.

Sort & Label

You need to take stock of what you have.

One of the ways to store your wool is to get boxes or clear toes and label them according to the kind of wool you keep in them.

I use:

  • WIP (Work in Progress)
  • LOVE – Have pattern
    • Print the pattern and wrap around the skein or at least write the pattern name on the label so you know where you’re going
  • LOVE – No pattern
  • Won’t use
    • Use this yarn in swaps or to donate to people who you know will love good yarn

You may be asking – why clear totes? When you see the size of your stash, it can be a sobering experience. Trust me, clear totes are best. Also, if you can get airtight ones, they will protect from moths, insects and dust.

Separate your work from your supplies

Keep your work in progress in easy reach, separate them from the rest of your wool.

You are less likely to work on an ongoing project if you can’t find your knitting needles. Especially if they are buried under a pile of yarn.

Love your storage

If you love your storage method – you will love to use it.

You can store your wool in clear vases and decorative boxes. Use fancy tape to label, or print labels that make you happy.

You have to not dread finding things.

For me, this meant giving up our guest bed in the office – it was too big and not being useful for me. Its gone – I’m more organized and I can find everything quickly.

Create balls instead of skeins

Balling-up wool is a better way to tidy up skeins that are already losing structure and it makes yarn easy to use whenever you are ready.

When we started, we contacted our sister company, Northern Bay Fibres, and asked why they didn’t do center pull balls. At shows, people will not buy center pull balls. They only buy skeins – not sure why – but that’s the reality.

So learn how to create your own, grab some tape and make sure to tape the label onto your new ball of yarn to keep everything neat and tidy.

Make your own center pull ball by hand – Click here for instructions!

Sort your Stash by Colour

When you don’t have a pattern in mind, sort your stash by colour to make sure you know what you’re dealing with when you’ve found that perfect pattern.


No matter how to sort, label and store – make sure its simple and works for you. It might take a bit of time to get it right, but when you do, you will love it.


-Emma @ Muskoka Yarn Box