Why Brittany Needles & Hooks?

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Health Conscious
  • 5 year "My Dog Ate It" Guarantee

As knitters and crocheters ourselves, we've tried most needles on the market, from cheap to expensive. Brittany needles surpass them all. With their 5 year guarantee, if a needle breaks, or your dog eats it (which has happened to some of our needles over the years), you get a replacement. No questions. Fill our the form on their website and its delivered straight to you.

Our high quality, hand finished, Brittany needles

Also, Brittany needles are made from sustainably harvested birch. It's naturally renewing, biodegradable, and durable. The perfect needles and hooks, while preserving our environment.

Amazing for your fingers as well, Brittany needles and hooks hold warmth and are great for our customers who may have finger and joint pain. They are durable and smooth, while not draining heat away from your fingers, ensuring a relaxing knitting & crochet experience year round.