From conceptualizing and designing, through to shipping boxes. The step by step guide to how this all works

Design & Source

We pick our designers, patterns and colourways each and every month to work perfectly together.

We work out what colours will be offered and how they look on the yarns for each month.

Receive Orders

Using our website, we receive custom orders and start to organize.

Hand Dye Yarn & Place Orders

Once the deadline is reached, a two week sprint begins. We contact our partners and they start creating for us.

Northern Bay Fibres hand dyes all our yarns for each box.
Yukon Soaps Company begins making and shipping us soap.
Our extras companies start creating their coupons and consumables.

Assemble Boxes

Now we call in the troops! We take all the help we can from friends and family (who may not like us anymore) to assemble boxes. We input all your data into Canada Post to create shipping labels and receive tracking numbers. We try our best to ensure each box is perfect.

Send out Boxes

We head to our local post office (not sure they like us anymore either) and drop off our packages on one day. They get scanned into the system and away they go! Luxury. Delivered.