Handdyed Yarn

Northern Bay Fibres

Our colourway selections and yarns all come from Northern Bay Fibres. With stock from around the world, the yarn that we receive is unparalleled. The yarn blends are gorgeous, and have to be touched to be believed.

Northern Bay Fibres uses Greener Shades Dyes to hand dye each and every skein for every box. Greener Shades Dyes are eco-friendly, are made by the Organic Trade Association's standards for Organic Fiber Processing and are heavy metal free. Feel fantastic not only in the gorgeous colour, but also by knowing that your projects are not harmful to either yourself, or the environment.

Felted Soap Box

The Yukon Soaps Company

In an exclusive partnership between the Yukon Soaps Company and the Muskoka Yarn Box, we are able to offer our DIY Felted Soaps boxes.

Made, cut and packaged by hand, the Yukon Soaps Company is committed to stunning soaps, while ensuring minimal impact to the Earth. Made in Mayo, Yukon, the Yukon Soaps Company harvests is colours from the land to create eco-friendly, unique soaps, that you can now felt into impressive gifts for hostesses, parties, stocking stuffers or to use in your own home.